Small Steps to a healthier you: week 2

Last week, I made a promise to myself.

I linked my left pinky with my right pinky and pinky-promised (the most serious of promises) myself to start every day with a tall glass of H2O.

My progress report: A+

Every day since I set this personal goal, I have held my promise! And I’ve loved every minute of it! It may seem simple but a tall glass of water vs. a mug full of coffee really has made an enormous difference in my energy and overall feeling of well-being. I’ve learned that starting the day by hydrating instead of de-hydrating myself is hugely important for a successful day of healthy eating.

This week, I’m adding a new personal promise: drink 1 cup of green tea daily 🙂

Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and carries numerous health benefits including:

– It’s catechins halt oxidative damage to cells (aka makes your skin glow!)

– Helps rev up your metabolism! 

– Reduces risk for heart disease

– It’s antioxidants halt LDL (bad cholesterol) and help raise HDL (good cholesterol)

– May help reduce the risk for some cancers

– May slow weight gain and fight against obesity 

Information Source: Harvard Health, Shape Magazine

I’m so excited to continue adding small steps to achieve a greater feeling of health & well-being!

Hope you’re having a sweet + chic week so far 🙂


Small Steps to a Healthier You

Happy Monday! Let’s start the week off right, shall we?


Instead of jumping head first into a complicated brand new nutrition plan, I’m focusing my health goals on weekly small steps.

Each week will focus on a new simple goal to improve my overall health and well being.

This week I’m making a pinky promise with myself to start everyday with a tall glass of water (+lemon if available).


Normally I dehydrate caffeinate myself with a huge mug of coffee first thing in the morning but I know my body will thank me for the H2O first!

This is a very small change, but over time I hope to feel the positive effects of this and my other small steps to come!

Keep it sweet + chic ❤