Snapshots from the weekend 2/26

{Snacking on coconut  milk ‘yogurt’ + fresh strawberries + granola}

{gyros + hummus + pita at a fabulous local Greek restaurant}

{experimenting with new recipes + chocolate chips :)}

{chocolate chip banana bread fresh out of the oven}

{end of the weekend treat from sephora}

Another relaxing weekend spent with friends. Currently obsessing over E live on the red carpet at academy awards! Can we talk about how drop dead gorgeous Giulianna Rancic looks? I can’t get over her – she is stunning!

Keep it sweet + chic!


Soft Braided Butter Cookies

aka the Greek cookie called Koulourakia.

Last night I made a batch of Koulourakia for my co-worker’s birthday today.

The process is quite time consuming due to the fact that each cookie must be hand braided! But once you get into a rhythm, the braiding becomes almost therapeutic as you twist each soft buttery cookie. And when you love spending hours in the kitchen like I do, baking koulourakia makes for a great project on a cold thursday night!

These cookies taste exactly as the title says – soft, buttery, and light enough that stuffing four in your mouth within a 5 minute time frame is a breeze!

Recipe soon!

Have a sweet + chic evening 🙂

Saving up to Splurge on…

Let’s talk about ‘The Luxury List”

You know, the list of expensive items that you don’t absolutely need but are willing to save up your pennies for to splurge on!

Everyone has one – whether you write it down or not. Admit it….it’s fun to daydream about having a surplus of cash to spend on these fabulous things!

So, what’s on my Luxury List? Let me tell you….

Sam Edelman “Roza” Pump – In nude or black? I can’t decide…

Urban Decay Naked2 – the perfect pallette of neutrals

Clarisonic – for an everyday facial

Marc by Marc Jacobs “Petal to the Metal” crossbody

La Mer Pyramid Stud Black leather Wrap Watch

Double Tear Drop Ring – completely unattainable with my college budget … but a girl can dream right?

[Other than the ring] These are all items I’m saving up my pennies here and there so that eventually I’ll be able to make these purchases.

I think the Naked2 pallette is first on my list – least expensive & most practical, right?

So tell me, what’s on your Luxury List?

Happy Thursday! And as always, keep it sweet + chic ❤

Small Steps to a Healthier You

Happy Monday! Let’s start the week off right, shall we?


Instead of jumping head first into a complicated brand new nutrition plan, I’m focusing my health goals on weekly small steps.

Each week will focus on a new simple goal to improve my overall health and well being.

This week I’m making a pinky promise with myself to start everyday with a tall glass of water (+lemon if available).


Normally I dehydrate caffeinate myself with a huge mug of coffee first thing in the morning but I know my body will thank me for the H2O first!

This is a very small change, but over time I hope to feel the positive effects of this and my other small steps to come!

Keep it sweet + chic ❤

Coconut Vanilla Body Scrub

I love coconut.

I love vanilla.

And sometimes I secretly wish I could take a bath in coconut + vanilla because I just can’t get enough of the combined scent! Luckily, with my homemade vanilla body scrub I can!!

This scrub only requires a few basic household ingredients and takes just a few moments to whip together. It is well worth your time – trust me – both your skin and your nose will thank you 🙂

This scrub has a coconut oil base and I know what you’re thinking….don’t most people cook with coconut oil? Well, yes (I cook with it quite often). But coconut oil also works wonders naturally softening/moisturizing skin, hair, and cuticles. In fact, I have one tub in my kitchen and one in my bathroom. I have found coconut oil to be so gentle (no added mysterious chemicals) and moisturizing that most nights I slather my cuticles and any other dry skin spots with it so that I wake up the next morning feeling soft and supple all over!

Anyways, enough babbling about how ridiculously awesome coconut oil is and let’s talk about this body scrub.

The Ingredients:

1.5 cups Epsom salt

1 cup Coconut Oil (heated on the stove top)

2 Tablespoons Vitamin E

2 Tablespoons clear vanilla extract

3 Tablespoons shredded coconut (chopped)

Directions: Combine all ingredients and store in an airtight container in a cool location. Slather on coconut vanilla deliciousness and scrub away dead skin cells & dry flakes. The Epsom salt will exfoliate while the coconut oil and vitamin E will hydrate & lock in moisture. Rinse with warm water. Take a moment to enjoy how wonderful you now feel and smell!


Go ahead and try it out! This homemade coconut vanilla body scrub is an inexpensive spa treatment that every sweet + chic lady (or fellow) deserves 🙂

Snapshots from the weekend 2/19

{getting my haircut in a beautiful salon on Newbury}

{A sweet chocolate message}

{Ginger Peach tea on a very cold Saturday}

{Oatmeal hiding under banana + granola}

Spending a wonderfully relaxing weekend at home 🙂 Hope your long weekend continues to be sweet + chic ❤

Dark Chocolate Orange Valentine Scones

Happy belated Valentine’s Day!!

I hope you all a wonderful day of spreading and getting lots of love ❤

I decided to spread the love by baking it into these buttery, flaky, dark chocolate orange scones for my 5 roomies!

I prepped the night before (individually wrapped each cutout scone) so that all I had to do at 6am before work was pop them in the oven! By 6:20 I had fresh, hot, chocolatey love scones ready on the dining room table for my roomies when they woke up!

I based my recipe for these scones off of Joy the Baker’s recipe but subbed her dark chocolate for chopped up dark chocolate kisses and the buttermilk for vanilla soymilk.

Looking back on these scones they could have used about a tablespoon more of milk for a kick of moisture & a brush of egg on top for the fresh out of the oven golden brown glaze.

With or without these adjustments, they were heart-meltingly delicious 🙂 My mouth is watering just thinking about them!

Hope your V-day was filled with love and chocolate ❤