Mocha Coconut Celebration Cupcakes

Chocolate + Coffee = Mocha

Mocha + Coconut = foodgasmic celebratory cupcake party in my mouth!

This weekend was my mom’s birthday and in my house, I’m the designated bake for all celebrations big or small.

Since my mom is pretty much the most awesome mom a girl could ask for, I wanted to bake the most awesome cupcakes I could think of!

So, I spent hoursdid a bit of blog browsing and ended up salivating over How Sweet Eat’s Mocha Coconut Cupcakes. Holy yum….my pictures don’t do these cupcakes justice so please head over to How Sweet Eats so you can salivate over Jessica’s beautiful photography.

These cupcakes were a huge success – not a crumb to be found 1 day later!

Please go make these as a monday night treat….you deserve it!

P.S. Please DONT be skimpy on the frosting or the coconut… the mound on top makes the cupcake an over-the-top-party-in-your-mouth!!!



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