Dark Chocolate Orange Valentine Scones

Happy belated Valentine’s Day!!

I hope you all a wonderful day of spreading and getting lots of love ❤

I decided to spread the love by baking it into these buttery, flaky, dark chocolate orange scones for my 5 roomies!

I prepped the night before (individually wrapped each cutout scone) so that all I had to do at 6am before work was pop them in the oven! By 6:20 I had fresh, hot, chocolatey love scones ready on the dining room table for my roomies when they woke up!

I based my recipe for these scones off of Joy the Baker’s recipe but subbed her dark chocolate for chopped up dark chocolate kisses and the buttermilk for vanilla soymilk.

Looking back on these scones they could have used about a tablespoon more of milk for a kick of moisture & a brush of egg on top for the fresh out of the oven golden brown glaze.

With or without these adjustments, they were heart-meltingly delicious 🙂 My mouth is watering just thinking about them!

Hope your V-day was filled with love and chocolate ❤


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