Staying chic while getting your sweat on

Working out is a daily requirement for me. It keeps me sane.

And I love how strong & accomplished I feel after an hour long spin sweat session!

All of those wonderful exercise endorphins provide me with positive energy and self confidence!!!

But…it’s also important to feel great about how you look before you get your butt to the gym. This is where sweet + chic activewear comes into play. When you put on your favorite yoga pants and a magical shape forming tank-top, you’re much more likely to confidently strut your stuff and get in a fabulously sweaty workout.

So here, I thought I’d share some of my favorite exercise clothes in a Save vs Splurge 2-part post. Today I’m sharing with you the splurge items that make me want to stare at myself in the gym mirror (despite my lack of makeup and sweat-wet ponytail).

Splurge: Sweet + Chic Activewear




I realize this is pretty much a tribute to Lululemon, but if I had an unlimited activewear budget, I would live in Lululemon (quality + stylish = love).

Hope you have a wonderful evening and I’ll be back tomorrow with my favorite activewear items on a budget 🙂


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