139 minutes lost

Last night I watched the first movie in my challenge to watch and review all 9 films nominated for best motion picture at the 2012 Oscars. 

For movie #1 I chose (it was the only one left at Redbox…) The Tree of Life

All I have to say is Snooze-fest 2012. Wow. This movie was hard to stay awake during follow. 

The first 50 minutes has about 36 seconds of dialogue and the rest contains various clips of space, the earth, water, and nature combined with excessively dramatic music but you rarely see an actual character in the movie. At one point (maybe minute 30 or 40) some dinosaurs pop up. Yes you read that right – DINOSAURS. At this point, the only thought in my head was “WTF?!”. 

Finally after about an hour of this confusing abstract look at the earth and nature and what not, some real actors/characters show up – thank goodness. The final hour and 20 minutes showed a family of three boys growing up in the 1950s with intermittent clips of nature (you know, because it would be too simple to have a straight forward plot line) 

Call me ignorant or closed minded, but I need a plot line and some dialogue if I’m going to sit down and watch a movie for over two hours. I’m not an unintelligent person and I do appreciate a film that makes the viewer think critically and figure some parts out on their own, however this movie was so confusing random all-over-the-place weird abstract for my taste. 

Even after reading the plot summary on Imdb, I was still left feeling completely dumb-founded as to what I had just done with the last 139 minutes of my life. If watching this movie hadn’t been part of a bigger goal, I definitely would not have even made it half way through the movie and further more I would consider those 139 minutes a complete waste of 2 hours in my life. However, I am glad I can check it off my list (only 8 more to go!) 

So, if you’re thinking of checking this film out….please don’t waste your time. You can do so many other productive things with 2 hours of your life. Even watching two hours of Keeping up with the Kardashians would leave me feeling more stimulated. 




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